In London, there are so many options when it comes to eating out but I found a hidden gem, Balans Soho Society in Covent Garden. All I can say is wow the food is amazing, well cooked, well presented and very well flavoured.

I hosted the proof management Christmas lunch at this restaurant and the clients were all impressed with how good the food, where that even some mentioned it the next day. I was so impressed with the ambience, food and the staff and I truly recommend this place to everyone. Whether it’s lunch or dinner Balans has something to tickle everyone’s taste buds on the menu and no matter what part of London you are in there is sure to be a Balans near you, they even do late night deliveries in central London.

Check out some of the amazing food we had.

And not only is there a wide choice of food but a wide choice of spirits, wines, cocktails and soft drinks. Some of the amazing influencers joined us and all had positive things to say and we definitely will be heading back soon.

Thank You Balans.