One of the first designers we saw at Fashion Scout, we were excited to sit front row for this show. Jamie Wei Huang’s A/W14 collection brings together various fabrics and textures to recreate the resourcefulness that war dictates. Taking luxury materials and combing them with silhouettes creates outfits of necessity, where fashion becomes part of like and means of survival.

We got to have a sneak peak of a private runway walkthrough, we were a little sneaky. Watching the models practice their runway walk and the photographers snapping away, it was just amazing. Lots of Whites, Navy, Black, simple an chic when we watched the little run-through before the big show.

An armband was used during WWII to represent the refugee’s unification and to signify their integration into a single entity and through it’s use creates a strong collection that stands as one by incorporating post-war functional details, such as tool belts, with creative pattern construction and delicate fine finishing typical of pre-war lifestyle.
The contrast between masculine and the feminine is imperative, with the use of light and heavy materials draws attention to the contemporary combination of femininity and masculinity that is at the heart of this collection.

Words by Lewis-Duncan Weedon and Fossy Meade