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Meade Magazine’s 4th Issue ‘Future Fashion’, it’s our 1st year anniversary since we published ‘The Debut’ issue of Meade. In this issue we explore what we see as the future of Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle – including some amazing Editorials.


Featuring:  London Fashion Week Highlights, Accessories & Beauty Must Haves, Joya: The Future of Travel, Spotlight Feature and is Shanghai the ‘Must Have’ travel destination.

Interviews with: Lady Nadia Essex and Rachel Kennedy

Photography by: Marc Hayden, Stuart McCarthy, JC Candanedo, Mark Kop and Samantha Baxter

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Future Fashion

By Meade Magazine in Meade Magazine

64 pages, published 3/16/2015

In this issue we explore the future of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Seeing what the world is offering to enhance the future of people’s lives.