Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen presented her collection for autumn/winter called “Biopiracy”. Iris Van Herpen known for her couture collections, decided to do a ready to wear line. Although its not like any other ready to wear line you’ve ever seen, she uses technology to be forward thinking. Using 3D technology to create amazing garments, although quite costly, don’t they just look beautiful. Of course we see some amazing unique couture pieces too, it wouldn’t be the same without them.
The designer also shocked the fashion goers at Paris’s Fashion Week by using what was only described as vacuum packed models, almost sci-fi like. This art statement piece in the centre section of the runway, creating a divide on the runway has caused many a speculation to meaning. After watching the runway, we get a sense that Iris was almost breeding a new type of model or race of woman. Someone sleek, sexy, intelligent, forward thinking, not afraid to push the boundaries, a woman of science, art and fashion fused into one. It really was a thing of wonder, almost like an art installation, she really takes the idea of fashion is art and puts it into a brand new context. Allowing people to draw their own conclusions, enjoy the fashion and respect the intelligence behind the whole show.
Iris-Van-Herpen-1 Iris-Van-Herpen-2 Iris-Van-Herpen-3