Now we all love some jewellery and a fantastic brand I came across at a Bloggers Love Event. Iridescence was chosen as it beautifully describes our online boutique collection of sparkling colour of costume jewellery, just like butterfly wings.

Having many designs of butterfly jewellery, vintage jewellery, statement and accessories, all their pieces are designed to be striking and a little unusual with emphasis on detail to make you feel special. They continually strive to find new, exciting  ranges such as our jewelled button clips, stylish hair chains and vintage handbag holders, as well as online iridescence offers its customers trade events, and home parties, which is a lovely evening with friends, maybe for a birthday or a celebration.

Samantha Houghton, whom is adorable and has fantastic taste, owns the company and has been very kind and sent me some images. I’ve also appeared on the facebook fan page for the brand.