When I was young, my parents tried to comfort me by reminding me that there were no monsters under the bed, hiding in the closet, or lurking in the shadows. Well, they lied and NBC’s Grimm blows that all to hell. While I am a huge fan of the show, I also hold it fully responsible for many sleepless nights, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Luckily, we have “Hank”, played by the formidable & fantabulous Russell Hornsby, to protect us. In a sit down and kick up your claws, I got to the bottom of everything; from being badass to boxer briefs and all points in between. All this from a guy who is not only one hell of an actor, but also all that I believe a celebrity should embody; style, humility, and the ability to openly laugh about one of the funniest topics on the planet… Himself


Joshua Estrin: When you are on hiatus from the show, do you take the time to recharge, or are you still constantly on the go?
Russell Hornsby: I’m always excited to be working on the show, that’s the whole idea of being a working actor, right? But of course, like any job, I need my downtime too. Five years ago… who knows – I probably would’ve been running in five different directions creating projects in between. Now I realize downtime is necessary. I appreciate the need to recharge my battery and reconnect with people in my life that I tend to lose touch with when filming.

JE: So much has changed on the series. Tell me about Hank.
RH: Hank is a good guy, and if television does in fact reflect reality, on a show like Grimm, especially a show like Grimm, we need some good guys. Hank is also a good friend, and I like to think that as the series has matured, so has his character. He is taken on a ‘badass’ edge. He knows he has a Grimm on his side… and who wouldn’t be slightly ‘badass’ knowing a Grimm has his back?

JE: How do you think the series has changed now that Hank knows the truth about the Grimm?
RH: The show has always had teeth, literally. Seriously, it was always a solid concept with great writing and an amazing ensemble cast. Understandably, as each of us has come to understand the world we live in within the boundaries of the show, we get an opportunity as actors and as characters to grow. Now Hank knows the truth. It is much more exciting for me to play him and, in turn, I believe that it is more exciting for the audience to watch. It is a delicate balance on a show like this with so many secrets. We need to keep the audience guessing and hoping that the truth will come out, but we also need to know when it’s time to allow a few of those secrets to come forward for characters like Hank.

JE: We all watch you on Grimm, but what are a few of your favorite shows?
RH: I’m sure you’ve heard this answer many times – I really don’t have much opportunity to watch television, but I do have my favorites. I’m a huge fan of Mad Men, House of Cards, How To Get Away With Murder, and Peaky Blinders.

 JE: How would you describe your fashion sense, your sense of personal style?
RH: Well, not many men can rock a hat especially one cocked to the side, but I can. I’m all about throwback style… The 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s; I mix it all up with a bit of what is out there today, and I think I create something that is all my own. In my opinion, that is the difference between being stylish rather than trendy.

JE: Boxers, briefs, or commando?
RH: You know, many people may think this is a simple question, but it actually is quite complex, as we have the issue of support as well as that uncomfortable situation when things begin to ride up and bunch. So, for the record, I like me some boxer briefs, but I’ll also admit that it’s a very important and very, very personal decision.

Photo Credit  NBC/UKTV