I had the great pleasure on interviewing BBC Three’s ‘Hair’ winner Marvin, such a cool down to earth guy, here’s what he had to say 

Q) What inspired you to want to go into hairdressing?
A) I have always had a passion for hair and fashion, which made my little sister a very lucky girl. As you can imagine, a young girl is very style conscience, so I would braid her hair in styles which would make her feel good about herself. I started to get requests from school friends who wanted to their hair braided before and after school. 
As time went on, I had people coming to me asking if I could do their hair. I began to realise I had a skill which there was a demand for and I could potentially earn a decent income from. Over the years, my passion for hair grew. 
Q) Who taught you the techniques you know today?
A) Everything I have learnt is self-taught. I have picked these up from watching video tutorials and practicing. I have a very good and keen eye and pay great attention to detail.
Q) What made you decide to go onto BBC Three’s Hair programme?
A) A very close friend of mine sent me the advert. I thought about it for a while but thought to myself I have nothing to loose. I had been working as freelance hairdresser for about 12 years and needed a big break and thought I would try my luck. I didn’t think I would get into the final 8, let alone win the show.

Q) What were some of the difficulties you faced during the show? 
A) My confidence was a massive issue. This was mainly because I am so used to doing hair from home and making sure my clients are pleased with the finished product; that is the environment I am used to. Hair was the first time I would be judged by professionals and this made me doubt myself at times. I think this is why my common issue was my finishing. I was working with hair I am not used to working with and I was out my comfort zone. It has opened my eyes to a wider variety of technics and how I want to develop myself to be able to give my clients a better experience.
I managed to get it together in time to go on to win the show. I still find it a bit unbelievable I have won. It has made me believe in myself a whole lot more.
Q) How important do you think hair is to a woman? 
A) I think it goes without saying that women value their hair a great deal. They will go far and wide to make sure their hair looks good. Hair can play a big part in a woman’s confidence. If you look good, you feel good. I ensure that when my clients leave their appointments they leave with what they want and what they are happy with. I do not want anyone to leave disappointed.
What are your top three tips for a woman of Afro Caribbean culture to look after her hair?
1.     For relaxed hair – treatments – to maintain the strength
2.     For Natural Hair – Keep hair moist using natural hair oils and pomades
3.     For Weaves – Good quality hair and co-washing (washing hair with conditioning before during and after)
 What’s your top three hair tips for European hair?
1.     Trims to keep the hair from splitting
2.     Treatments for hair when chemically process and coloured.
3.     Do not wash hair every day, as you will loose the natural oils, which help keep you hair healthy.
Q) How does it feel to be the winner of Hair?
A) It is different from what I am used to. Being recognized for the work I do from home and appreciated for it is an overwhelming feeling. I am so happy that things are taking off for me and what people have seen is just the beginning. People in the streets recognizing me is the strangest part. A person wanting to stop and talk and take pictures with me is something I am not used to but I am always happy to do. It’s great to hear how the viewers enjoyed watching the show.
Q) What have you been doing since your victory?
A) Winning the show has opened so many doors for me. I have been on photo shoots, worked with industry session stylists on runway fashion shows, worked on magazines such as Vogue and Harpers Baazar and there is a lot more to come. These are things I have only ever dreamed of and I can actually say I am starting to live the dream.
Q) Any future plans for your own salon?
A) Hell yeah, I am definitely working towards this in my own unique way. Watch this space…
Q) How can people get in contact with you to have their hair done?

A) If people want to get in contact with me for appointments, they can send an email to marvin@marvinfrancis.co.uk. For all business bookings, please send an email to enquiries@marvinfrancis.co.uk.

Q) Anything to say to your supporters?

A) So many people have said I have inspired them, which to me is strange. I just want people to know hard work does pay off and never goes unrecognised. I have been in this game for 14 years, so believe my grind has been ‘real’.  Anything you want to do is possible, no matter how hard seem. Thank you to everyone for your support through the show and all the messages I have received through social networking and people coming up to me whilst i have been out and about. It’s humbling and I’m thankful.