Q) How did you start Jo Black Craze?

A) My brand JBC came to evolve from my immense involvement within Fashion, from the designs to patterns and to the overall business aspect of the industry. As a Certified Project Manager myself, I found that I began to build a brand out of myself simply through my daily attire and my distinctive style. Being the Project Manager that I was and on realisation of this, I was encouraged and inspired to draw up a plan and look at viable potentials in starting up my own clothing line.


Q) What does your brand offer?

A) JBC offers a glamorous transformation to the Gentleman and the Ladies wardrobes. From Full Suits to Blazers, Shoes and Shirts, JBC is a wardrobe and styling consult across all platforms.


Q) Which styles are most popular at the moment?

A) With our new Spring/Summer line recently launched, the Linen jacket has attracted a lot of attention and proven itself popular with our customers. We sell the clean-cut jacket in a range of refreshing colours and the practical lightweight design of the jacket offers a combination of both style and comfort for the warm summer months. The jacket is definitely an ideal, must-have piece in any well-dressed gentleman’s and chic women’s wardrobe.


Q) Tell us more about your experiences in the fashion industry?

A) It has been one amazing journey if I may say so myself. I’ve found myself amidst personalities and attending events that I could have never imagined. The importance of networking has proven vital throughout my experience and has enabled me to extend my contacts, allowing me to find myself becoming involved in businesses also beyond the Fashion World.


Q) How would you compare London, NYC and Milan Fashion Industry?

A) What’s so exciting about the fashion industry is that it’s so diverse. NYC takes a more serious approach and tends to follow trends; interestingly I have noticed that often these trends are inspired and specifically picked out from the London collections. London is diverse, playful and more creative with its fashion, which is what I love most about it.


Q) Can you reveal some of your favourite fashion tricks?

A) The art is in the detail. It’s the small details that make the big difference, which is why a JBC Signature Styled individual stands out amongst others.


Q) What are some of the most common fashion mistakes that we make?

A) I believe that the most common mistakes are made when it comes to following trends and becoming unfamiliar with your own personal style. It is important that you are able to recognise what suits you and to remember that consistency is key when building your own personal image. An individual who sets a trend will attract more attention than an individual who simply follows a trend.


Q) How would you encourage our readers to visit your boutique in London?

A) At the moment we operate an appointment only service. This means that we are able to provide our customers with a more personal, one on one service where we can cater to the clients needs and pay attention to the vital details.


Q) What are your plans for the future and your ultimate goal for JBC?

A) I would like to see JBC reach heights across all aspects in every industry globally. We are currently in talks with our business consult team, SIVA, in expanding the brands products and its services; this will include preparations to launch our bespoke and retail shirt company. We are taking one step at a time and building towards reaching our goal.