Q) What can you tell us about the name of your company?

A) Carder was my great grandmother’s maiden name. She was a strong woman who lived to the age of 104 years old and experienced so many world changing events and great fashion eras from 1889 onwards. The word ‘Carder’ is also linked to the textile industry, albeit in relation to another great natural fibre, wool; where a carder is a tool to separate the raw product to a fine fibre.

Q) What’s different about your company?

A) The idea of creating silk scarf designs was born a couple of years ago, from showing my William Morris inspired photography project to colleagues, friends and family. Morris was born very close to where I live in London, and he was a master at creating patterns from nature. Most of our designs stem from photography and illustrations of nature, then using digital technology to create something unique.

I enjoy the challenge of making the ‘otherwise unappreciated’ into something beautiful and giving the wearer visual surprises. Our ‘Fizzy Pop’ design is a great example of this, using photography of cola bottles captured from above to give a different and unexpected perspective. We are currently a made to order service, which means customers have the experience of purchasing an item, which was produced just for them and not mass produced.

Q) When can we expect to see the products?

A) We are very excited to say we have just recently launched, with our products available to buy from www.carderlondon.com. We’ve delayed launch a few times to get everything exactly right for our customers. We wanted the best for them and we think they’ll agree it has been worth the wait. Initial responses have been really positive and we’ve received more than one ‘wow’ and we’re delighted with that.

Q) Are you going to be solely online or go into stores?

A) We’ve launched online initially, however the products have their best impact when seen for real, due to their scale, sensuous tactility and finish. We are exploring collaborations and retail opportunities, however we are patient in finding the right partners in time.

Q) Is your brand unisex?

A) Not initially. We are focussing on scarves for the female market to start with, however this is only the first step and we are exploring clothing range extensions. The male market is absolutely on our radar.

Q) You say luxury what do you mean by that?

A) Luxury is an intentional adjective for our company, an ethos of how we work and more importantly the level of product quality we provide to our customers. Silk has been a luxury item for several thousands of years. When my Italian mother was young, she was given the task of tending to the silk worms in her grandmother’s attic. So the process of how silk becomes a fine, soft thread from start to finish is familiar to me. No other textile fibre has the same feel as silk, and whenever you wear it close to your skin you feel special, sensual, luxurious.

The products we have created for our customers are extremely soft to touch and extra large in size, so you feel enveloped by it. A high level of attention to detail is usual, from the product to the packaging. The overall experience will be totally ‘high end’ and that is a luxury we want to afford to our customers.