I NEED A MODEL was conceived in the summer of 2013. It’s a collaboration between a fashion photographer, a top hair stylist and one of the biggest internet brains internet brains in the country. With excellent network of friends and contacts in the fashion world www.ineedamodel.co.uk was launched in late 2013. The concept is that we provide free and endless space for models of all categories to upload their portfolios. We welcomed all rather than striving for the elite, partly for inclusivity and partly because we realised the fashion business can be daunting and unforgiving. Our policy of not charging was because primarily the industry is notorious for leaving novices out of pocket. Also we as a business were in a position to generate a small income through traffic flow advertising. Almost immediately we opened our doors to photographers, make up artists and hair stylists, again all without charge. This led to an organic interaction where “time for Prints” collaborations were established and a culture of peer critiques flourished. INAM has, as planned, attracted some very talented individuals in various industry specialities and it is becoming evident that the use of ambassadors for our brand made sense. We have experienced photographers, stylists, event organisers, top models, retired models, mentors and make up artists. Barbara Carlinii, CEO and Founder at CARLINII Group, Owner of ROYAL LUXURY BEAUTY CLUB became Ambassador for INEEDAMODEL.CO.UK. Beauty and Makeup Industry Expert for 13 years. In NYC, LA, MILAN and LONDON was working with celebrities and the fashion industry as a leading expert in her field.  We are happy to grow your career.

In addition we are open to partnership collaborations with organisations who offer mutual win: win scenarios. We are hoping to negotiate with Models of Diversity to facilitate such a scenario.
Pete Fallan Co-owner