Gloss treatment + Blow Dry at Duck & Dry, Kings Road
En route to Wimbledon, stop off at Chelsea’s favourite hair salon for a very British experience. Hatched in London and brewed in Somerset, a glossing treatment followed by a blow-dry will give you the perfect accessory for the day ahead. Open from 7am.


‘Everybody Loves the Sunshine with Zinc’ Sunscreen by Californian Living Libations, via Aevi box.
Take your sunscreen to the next level with this Californian brand’s entirely pure sunscreen. This handcrafted formula masterly mixes a bouquet of natural ingredients to keep your sun-kissed skin smooth and gently glowing. Made with 20% uncoated Zinc Oxide it reflects the sun rays rather than absorbing them, providing a natural sunshade from UVA and UVB rays without any chemicals or synthetics. Only available in the UK via


RHYTHM 108 gluten-free snack bar
Granted, you may not need as much energy as Murray – but incase you do, pop a RHYTHM108 snack bar in your bag. Being refined sugar-free, these sweet treats leave you not feeling too guilty.


A bottle of Skinade
Sitting in the sun can dehydrate your skin. Keep on top of hydration, whilst boosting your skin’s collagen levels by sipping on a Mangosteen flavoured Skinade. Also packed with vitamins.


‘Lip Treat’ lip balm by Nuori, via Aevi Box.
Keep your lips soft and protected with Nuori’s blend of natural hydrating wonders including sweet almond, apricot oils, and avocado. Only available in the UK via


‘GREEN’ cold-pressed juice, Imbibery
In line with the Wimbledon green theme, sip on Imbibery’s blend of spinach, cucumber, apple, celery and lemon.