Have you ever wondered what the perfect hairstyle is for your face shape?  Want to try out a new style but you’re not sure it’s going to be right for you?  How about a simple one-stop guide to finding the hairstyle that suits your face?
Have a look at this… Cool Blades Hair and Beauty salon suppliers have created this easy step by step infographic that does exactly this!

This step by step process is your ultimate guide to determining what your face shape is with the best hairstyles for you and ones avoid!!  And, they’ve even thrown in some make-up tips to suit your faceshape too!

Step 1 Faceshape infographic

Step 2 Faceshape infographic

Step 3 Faceshape infographic

If you want to see it in full, visit here: http://www.coolblades.co.uk/hub/face-shape/