The amazing thing about beauty industry comparing to fashion is the fact that the new beauty releases are happening the excitement definitely lasts after one wear! It’s make up, we can wear it over and over again until the product ends or we get completely bored of it and than all of the sudden a new product comes on the market and than we get another thing to gush over and the cycle keeps going. But as I like to say a women can never have to much money or lip products. Recently, MeMeMe Cosmetics came out with a new lipstick product to the beauty market and it’s a “Lipstick Sheen.” The cruelty free brand clearly knows how a lipstick can change, well, everything! With 10 different colours, from nudes to deep reds and purples, pricing at just £9.95 it’s something all of you lipstick lovers need, because we so need another lipstick cluttering our lives, right? 

Why the sheen?

Ok, I’ll admit, the idea of sheen doesn’t sounds too appealing, not too much sheen anyway, that’s why lip glosses were invented, am I right? But it’s winter and as much as a full on matt lip is always in, we need to look after our lips and give them the hydration they need, and there are other ways, more glamorous than drinking water the whole day or wearing lip balm, they don’t give you colourful effect you want for a night out anyway. Thank make up inventors for inventing lipsticks and thank Me Me Me Cosmetics for coming up with the lip sheen because what would our lips do without it?! It’s not the stereo typical lipstick, it’s a sheen lipstick!


I am not kidding you when I’m telling you that when first applied, the lipstick didn’t even felt like lipstick, you know that heavy duty layer of product that we want to wear but won’t because, well, make up! Now, when this product was applied for the very first time, it didn’t have that feeling, at all! It was more of a balm feeling on the lips than a lipstick, but with the pigmentation of a traditional lipstick! Two in one? I’m not complying! And did I mention that it’s also super hydrating!


I’ve tested out two colours from the Sheen collection, “Antique Chestnut” a nude and a “Vivid Berry”  a red shade. We all like day to night looks, and not re-applying our lipsticks every hour, because we waste more product don’t we, and who’d want that? The “Antique Chestnut” comes out as a stunning dirty nude, if I could say that, but it still looks really natural on the lips, it definitely gives this healthy glow to the lips. It basically looks like you’re not really wearing any lipstick, and for those of you who like a really natural look,”Antique Chestnut” is the one!


I’ll say one thing, if you want a lipstick that stays day and night, keep on using that liquid lipstick because these lipsticks aren’t meant to be worn for longer period than 24h, but than again, who really wears lipsticks longer than that? We still need to eat and drink, and doing those activates are causing for the lipstick to fade out eventually, however if you’re just going out on a night out or running errands the lasting should satisfy your needs, but of course keep that lipstick near you, you never know when you’ll need a touch up.


Can we just stop for a second and talk about this packaging? It’s not a packaging, it’s an art work. We are all visual creatures, sure we like the product to have the effect we want but lets face it, it’s always even better for it to look good as well! My own breath has definitely stopped when I’ve opened the package and saw the pale pink curve of the lines covering the outside of the lipstick page, that doesn’t happen often may I add, not only its a lipstick you’d be happy to wear but it’s also a lipstick you will show off to your friends, because it’s face it what other lipstick package looks so fancy, yet settle?