I have always had a fascination with food ever since I can remember. Although brought up in Ireland, I had a very unconventional upbringing when it came to food. When people think of Irish cuisine, their minds travel down a path edged with such foods as potatoes, cabbage and the inevitably over-boiled shoulder of Bacon. However in my case it was different mostly due to the fact that my mother had lived in and travelled through several countries across Europe during her early twenties. This exposure to European cuisine and the fact that she was a prolific dinner host during the 1970’s contributed to my passion for food and I have many childhood memories of such dishes as Hungarian Goulash, Beef Stroganoff and Coq au Vin gracing our dinner table.

As I grew older I became more interested in what was going on behind the scenes in the kitchen and eventually I asked my mother to teach me how to create some of these wonderful dishes. She promised to teach me ‘her way of cooking’ as she put it. She always maintained that a recipe was merely a ‘guideline and not a religion’ when it came to creating a dish, and this is how I have cooked ever since.

I have been fortunate enough thus far to maintain my interest in all things food related. I cook on a regular basis and I love trying out new dishes. I have also been fortunate enough to meet some really talented foodies and chefs in London whose passion for food is so exciting and admirable. This exposure to likeminded people and the opportunity to further explore new cultures and foods in London has spurred me on to do something constructive with this hobby of mine and when I had the opportunity to team up with Meade Magazine and write a food related section for them I jumped at the chance.

What I hope to achieve for Meade Magazine is to share with its readers the different food trends projected for 2015, interview up and coming food personalities from London, share recipes and to share with Meade’s readers my passion and enjoyment for all things food and dining related.


What’s hot for 2015?

According to the National Restaurant Association and several noted British Chefs here is a list of what to look out for on the food scene in 2015

Asian food focus– Korean street foods and gourmet Japanese food

Regional British Cuisines– with a focus on ‘Farm to Fork’, home grown and a fashion for rustic presentation.

Gluten-Free cuisine

Vegetables– with a focus on rotisserie veg and non-meat dishes

Illustration by : Anastasia La Sala

Focus on non-dairy milks

Outside of Asia– with a focus on rejigged and de-constructed American and North American dishes