I interviewed and trained with model and personal trainer Steven Collins, and I got the low down on his fitness do’s, dont’s and secrets.

Q) How long have you been into fitness?
A) Ive been into fitness since a growing up as a teenager through competitive sport and athletics. But in the gym, for the last 8 years i have been training now. 

Q) What do you love most about fitness?
A) I love knowing i can always challenge myself, whether its how quick i can run a 10k, or how heavy i can lift in the weights room. i love competing against myself and pushing my body and mind to where its not been before, for me thats one of the ultimate ways of achievement. 

Q) What do you love most about modelling?
A) I find myself under pressure when i do modelling, i get nervous. But these are good nerves. After you nail a pose/shoot, theres nothing better then when the photographer says you done a great job and they love a specific photo. I suppose its the feel good factor that i love.

Q) How many times a week do you train? And what does your training consist of?
A) I train 5 times a week. It consists of weight training and no long distance cardio. On a monday i do heavy squats, on tuesday i do chest and back, wednesday i do legs again, and thursday i do shoulders and arms. On friday i play on the sled or hit the track for sprints.
Q) What are some of the most common mistakes made when someone is trying to build muscle and/or get ripped?
A) its simple, people just dont train hard enough. They dont push theirselves to outside thier comfort zones, getting in that zone is vital for people to see change. If they are working hard, then usually the 2nd mistake would be nutrition. Remember, abs are made in the kitchen.

Q) What’s a typical eating day for Steve Collins?
A) 6am – 4 poached eggs, handfull of nuts and half a cup full of berries.
9am – Fillet of salmon, lots of green vegtables.
12 noon – Chicken breast, lots of green vegtables.
3pm – beef/ham slices, green vegtables, sweet potato.
6pm – Beef Stew with brown rice on the side
9pm – Snack on plain yoghurt and some berries.

Q) How do you stay motivated?
A) My job as a trainer keeps me motivated to stay in good shape all year round. But more influence comes from my work collegues Andy and Jack who are always keeping me pushing myself. I take regular holidays too so knowing i have one coming up helps me focus on training hard and eating well.

Q) What are the best supplements you recommend for someone getting toned and ripped?
A) Whey Protein for postworkout
Omega 3 fish oil
Multi Vitamins

Q) Other than fitness and modelling what else do you like to do?
A) I love doing cool adrenaline rush things like sky diving, bungee jumping and crazy things like that. But to unwind i like to chill with good company and watch a film, or just chat and grab a drink.
Q) Give us some insider fitness tips?
A) For fat loss, high protein, high fats, and low carb is the way to go. For building muscle, carbs need to be eaten, but only if you can deal with them. If your not dropping body fat and building lean muscle mass whilst eating carbohydrates then you should consider cutting them down and sticking to low GI foods until your body can control its ability to break down these heavier carbohydrates. Most people need to get lean before they can build muscle, well most of the time anyway!

Q) If people want to connect with you, how can they do so ?
A) You can follow my fitness page on instagram, just search: ptstevecollins Or if you’d like to contact me directly email me at:ptstevecollins@gmail.com.
Q) Do you think cardio is important?
A) If your an endurance athlete yes, but if your trying to look good and get a set of abs, then its not neccessary. Just lift heavy weights, mix up a session with lower and upper body compound movements and you will see results. If you are going to do any cardio, then make sure its intervals and some sort of strong man training!
Q)How often do you work on abs? And what’s the best way to get flat stomach?
A) Believe it or not, but i rarely do crunches. I have done them, but its not vital. I stick to big lifts such as deadlifts, front squats, back squats and chin ups. This way the muscle fibers of the abdominals are highly recruited therfore building muscle and strength. Other then that, nutrition is key, belly fat is related to cortisol stress. and the way to control this is by controlling the insulin which gets secreted from the liver. this is done through nutrition.

 Quick fire round

Favourite colour?

Favourite food?

Favourite type of music?
House or Hip Hop depending on my mood

Beyoncé or Rihanna?
Tough question…Beyonce