So whilst I was browsing threw twitter, I stumbled on fantastic photographer David Michael who’s concepts really intrigued me.

I thought, I wonder what goes threw his mind. Being a creative myself, I always have a notebook by my bed and often jot down ideas, themes, concepts.
So, here at Meade Magazine, we love discovering new talent and also love to show them off to world! After a few exchanging  tweets, David was willing to do a shoot for us and we love the results.
A short Bio on David, he has worked as a professional photographer for almost 10 years, shooting mainly for small to medium sized companies and high-end weddings. Over the years he has made the steps into becoming a fashion photographer. He has been published twice with the help of freelancer group “Shooting Beauty”
David 01
We managed to catch up with David on his busy schedule and asked him Meade’s top 5 questions!

So David, tell us an interesting fact about yourself?
I quit a very high profile and well-paid job in the city to pursue my dream of being paid to take photos. Absolute madness.

What was your inspirations for this shoot?
This was my first shoot with Shooting beauty and was shot in the rooms above a pub in White chapel, The George Tavern. The story is that a beautiful recluse woman gets ready to go out every evening but can’t summon up the courage to leave. The idea is that the images show her boredom on repeat.

What makes you tick and gets your creative juices going?
I get a real buzz looking through images straight out of the camera, especially when it’s a personal project. I don’t think there is another feeling quite like it.

What are your plans for world domination?
I don’t really have any plans for world domination. I would be happy if in the not too distant future I was able to replace some of my current work, but I do realise it’s an ultra-competitive area and that I will have to improve to achieve this.

Finally, what do you have in the pipe line, any exciting shoots to come soon? 
This year I want to continue to test and submit, and hopefully have some more work published. At the end of this month I am shooting the album cover for the original X Factor winner which is exciting, and I will definitely be shooting for submissions during February.

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Words by Wayne Noir
Photographer – David Michael –