Launched in April 2010, Fashion One is distributing to over 120 countries worldwide. Fashion One Has reached over 100 million worldwide. When thinking fashion as it pertains to television, no one should be limited to just runway and models. Fashion, trends and style can be found everywhere. From photography, street style and beauty tips, to designer retrospectives and the latest celebrity trends, Fashion One reveals fashion in all aspects of life. It is a global, fashion-forward channel for women and trendsetters all over the world who love fashion and all it embodies.
Creating programs which are engaging and captivating, Fashion One is the ONE channel dedicated to fashion, entertainment and lifestyle. Fashion One offers our fashion oriented audience a comprehensive portfolio of products from traditional pay TV and satellite TV, to online portals, IPTV, VOD, smart TV and mobile TV.

The Fashion One network is available on: New York, London, Hong Kong, Milan and Paris. Fashion One also offers exclusive opportunities for your business to grow and enjoy the trendy and luxurious feel proper to the Fashion One brand. By collaborating with fashion One, your business will reach global and elitist customers and you will be recognized as the leader in your own market. You will be associated to the key elements of our brand identity which are innovation, trend setter, and global entertainment. Fashion One is a cutting-edge, global television network, which focuses on the synergy between lifestyle, travel, entertainment, film and fashion.

They have created some of their own original series which include: Style Wars, Eco Fashion, Design Genius, Fashion Frontline and Corset to Catwalk. Making their own Fashion Calendar and TV Schedule it’s the one stop shop for all your fashion needs, with the increase in fashion interest, Fashion One delivers on content.