I’ve just tried the new WOW Luxury Facial Mask Treatment from the Institute Hyalual Switzerland… A brand NEW Bio-­peptide Aqua Gel skin firming, revitalising mask which helps restore skin elasticity and hydration, and reduce wrinkles, fine lines and pore sizes.

So what’s it all about?
The Institute Hyalual, a scientific research centre dedicated to skin rejuvenation, have developed this mask with input from their clinicians in Switzerland and their beauty treatment “fanatics” in California. The aqua gel mask contains the moisturising effect of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and RMCP-complex, which comes from the fruit and leaf cell culture and flower extract of some of nature’s most skin loving and effective plants. These ingredients are also combined with Argireline, which is known for its skin firming properties.

Don’t worry, this is where my science lesson stops – I’ll leave that to the experts at Hyalual to tell you about, they seem to know exactly what they’re doing!


I got the small shiny packet, you get five of them in a box, with its easy to read and amusing instructions on the back, and followed the process. I wanted to see if it was an good as they tell you.

After washing and drying my face, I removed the mask out of its silver outer cover. The mask is in two sections – a larger piece with eye holes for the top half of your face, and a smaller one for your chin with the mouth area left open. The tricky part is carefully removing each piece from the two inner protective sheets and applying it to your face because it’s so full of gel and ingredients. But once it’s on and in place, it stays put and you can move around or simply put your feet up and relax.

The Institute recommend you leave each mask on for 20-40 minutes, so I went all out and enjoyed a full moisture treat for 40 minutes. I’m just glad no one came to the door at this point!!

I have to say, I really liked it as a relaxing treat for my face, and for a revitalising, refreshing boost for my skin. Using this once a week would be a pleasure to do.

The WOW masks are £99.99 and available from http://www.wowmask.co.uk/