So everybody knows there’s always some sort of celebrity craze on the market, whether that be diamond facials or facials using bird saliva there’s always something.

Well new to the market is the escargot collection who specialise in snail creams. I love trying anything the flawless celebs do as do a lot of people so I decided to give the revitalising moisturising emulsion and lifting cream a go. My skin is very sensitive especially with being a beauty editor and trying new products all the time.

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The Escargot collection is truly making its mark in the beauty industry with its amazing benefits from anti ageing to healing properties. The Escargot Collection uses a unique blend of ingredients combined with the unique properties of Helix Aspersia Muller to provide remarkable results.

Helix Asperia Muller is basically snail secretion filtrate, YES! snail secretion, as slimy as this may sound this secretion has a combination of components that is known to heal and improve the human skin. Some of these properties include Collagen, Allantoin, Vitamins, Elastin & Glucose Amino Glucan. This, combined with our star composition including Hyaluronic Acid Sodium & Glycerin helps to restore without being harsh on the skin and doing the job gently.

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I also used this cream on some scars that I have as it’s also known for improving scars, first degree burns burns, cellulite, stretch marks and pretty much all the things us women would like to improve the look of. Although I didn’t use the cream long enough to notice a difference in my scar as I used most of it on my face it did however make the area very moisturised and soft.

Your probably thinking this cream has a horrible odour, as those were my thoughts too but honestly it has no bad odour and really doesn’t have any kind of smell.

I loved using the cream before bed as I woke up looking fresh and glowing ready to take on the world.

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Your skin is the biggest organ you have and it absorbs more than you know so it’s best to invest when it comes to caring for your skin. Prices for the escargot collection are extremely reasonable at start from £27.

Give it a go and share your feedback.
And remember I told you so.