We had a look around the Hospital Club in the Emerging Ready-To-Wear area of the building, looking at all the new brands that are coming onto the market. Of course we were excited, always great to see new brands and what they have to offer, especially menswear.
We went on a photo clicking spree, walk around the showcase area taking photos of everything we loved in terms of mens style. Lots to choose from and some really great pieces that we would want in our wardrobe too, we also see colour trends starting to emerge too.
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Theres a few collections we will be talking about, the ones that really stud out to us in terms of evolving menswear. Yet again we see this trend of Navy and Burgundy appear in many of the designers collections, lots of different textures and patterns in the collections too.
We will be looking at: Made in England, Jaewan Park and Paul Costello, these are the three brands we feel stood out the most to us the most. Paul Costello will be covered by our Fashion & Society correspondent Lewis-Duncan Weedon, he will talk about the designers influence in menswear and dressage.