1. The Lost Ghost – (black dress) 
The character that wears this black velvet and fine tule dress with diamonds dwells in the haunted bedroom of Talliston House. She is a mother who died young roams her child’s bedroom, believing she is still alive and that the child still lives there. She sits in a beautiful chair, dressed in her beautiful black gown as she gazes out of the window still seeing the world as it was when she died in 1911. 


2 & 3. The Sisters of Light- (both white dresses) 
The sisters travel through the Hall of Mirrors in their beautiful Ivory lace wedding gowns searching for their groom, but little do they know they are trapped here. There are Talismans in the house, they are of water, fire earth, air and shadow but not of light! Leaving the sisters unable to travel back through the mirrors and trapping them forever!
4. The Phoenix- (red dress)
The seeker of love is the Phoenix in her seductive red duchess satin gown. She rises from the ashes in the morning and dies of a broken heart every night. She lives inside the tower and every evening waits for her love to dine with her. She is to wait an eternity.
5. The Tree Elf- (gold dress)
The tree elf In her delicate gold embroidered gown flees from the hunters in the woods and finds herself awakening in a magical lost cabin.
6. The Wanderer- (blue dress)
The wanderer in striking royal blue duchess satin simply passes through people lives, travelling through homes, wandering the earth for a treasure she once lost. 


Designer & Stylist: April Banbury 
Photographer, Creative Director & Story Teller: Linda Blacker
Makeup Artist: Juan Lopez Alvarez
Makeup Assistant: Stephanie Foo
Makeup: Ten Image Professional from Seventa Image