In the heart of Mayfair on London’s famous South Molten Street lies a hidden gem called Guru Performance, a bespoke solution to all your fitness and health concerns. Do you ever feel like your spending hours in the gym and the weight just won’t shift or that diet you read about is a bit short lived? Join the club.

I have lost weight on many occasions through killing myself at the gym and cutting the calories significantly but I was getting sick and tired of going back and forth and now was the time to get my body into peak condition. At guru performance, the philosophy is all about training smart and understanding what your body needs to get to your goals and, more importantly staying there.


Reading about my day at Guru Performance got me really excited but most of all I was so intrigued that services like it existed. I allowed myself around 2 hours for all my tests to take place, Laurent who is the director and founder of the company was my expert for the day, Laurent is an Exercise Physiologist and Performance Nutritionist with over 20 years of experience internationally as well as nationally working with people of all ages and from all walks of life. From the get go Laurent was very welcoming, made me feel at ease and very informative but in a way you could break it down and digest it without being overwhelmed, he understood my goals which was to get long and lean with minimal body fat in time for the Miss universe Great Britain competition in July 2016 and straight away detected my habits which gave me great confidence that tests taken would be accurate.


Guru performance has a cutting edge testing and measuring performance laboratory with equipment that is used to help design an individual lifestyle plan for each client based upon their results. Together with the bespoke plan and monitoring guru performance are able to change a client’s metabolism and achieve great results with a change of body but most importantly change of mind.

My initial assessments were to detect how much of my body was made up of water, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, secondly how my body works whilst at rest (metabolic fitness testing), thirdly your basic body measurements (body composition testing) and body fat percentage and last how my body burns fat whilst active and my level of fitness, it’s fair to say I was shocked about how unfit I was but I know that with this insider knowledge that would all change and I could get myself on the right track.

Once you start with guru performance you will go on a journey, they don’t just do all the tests and expect you to figure out the next steps, a couple days post assessment your guru expert will call you to discuss and go through your results, how to break it down into non-fitness lingo and also provide you with a fitness and eating plan via email so you can begin to break down the barriers. Guru performance also offer wellness coaching Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy so clients truly do have that 360-degree helping hand to get to achieve their goals but also tackle the problem from the root.


Since going to guru performance, my mindset has changed and my personal trainer is able to work with the information given to him by guru performance to help get my results quicker and effectively. I’m making healthier choices and losing weight safely, I’m training smarter not harder and I feel like I should be at my peak by July, in one months’ time I will be going back into guru performance as recommended to see what changes have been made and if any improvements have been made.

This is definitely a great investment for any individual as nothing is more important than your health and fitness, prices can be found on the guru performance website along with videos and a deeper insight into what they offer. If you need help go and seek it otherwise you will be spending years doing everything incorrectly.

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