Being a grafter I’m working 24/7 and barely get a good nights rest although it has its benefits sometimes it can take a real toll on the body and no superfood, exercise regime or spa day will pick you back up.

I met Dr Pamela through a good friend and honestly she has been a book of information when it comes to looking and feeling your best. After explaining my concerns to her she suggested the Reviv IV vitamin drip and boosters and of course it’s a scary thought thinking of what possibly could be going inside you or that you’d be hooked up to a drip for more than 20 minutes, but Dr Pamela Benito put me at complete ease and gave me all the information I needed to feel confident that it was the right decision and that it would give me that much-needed boost.

The Reviv clinic was set in London’s beautiful Knightsbridge, home to Harrods and the Bvglari hotel and a whole host of other designer and luxury outlets. It was a peaceful and very private setting hence why so many celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Keisha Buchanan didn’t mind being in its comfort. I had VIP treatment with the whole clinic to myself, beverages at hand, a complimentary Reviv me T-shirt and of course a superb Doctor.

The most uncomfortable bit for me was, of course, that evil needle trying to find its way to my vein but that did not take away from my fantastic experience and how I felt afterwards was meant to be the whole point but in fact was a bonus for me, sometimes great customer service and going that little bit further for someone can put a smile on your face.

Thank you to Reviv clinic and Dr Pamela Benito for a great experience I will be back.

DID YOU KNOW: Reviv treatments can get rid of common colds

To find out more at Reviv treatments benefits contact Dr Pamela Benito at Reviv me clinic.