Focus around tattoo removal has soared once again in the media with Tattoo Fixers currently on E4 and Tattoo Disasters on Channel Spike. In a culture where tattoo no longer means ‘forever’, we are now a nation of brave inkers who don’t mind experimenting with tattoo removal if things go wrong! Lynton Lasers has seen figures double in the last year with clients who have requested tattoo removal a day or two after they have got their tattoo and before the skin has even healed post ink.

As recent as last week, Lauren Goodger revealed her latest tattoo, the name of her current beau on her wrist. A risky act, Goodger stated that her latest body art “can always be removed”. With a reputation of “removing” past lovers from her body, Lauren isn’t new to the tattoo removal process, she also had ex fiancée Mark Wright’s name removed from her body back in 2011. This attitude towards tattoo culture is changing the way people think and feel when getting a new tattoo. With people having more access to tattoo removal treatments, the non-committal trend means you don’t have to face long term regret if you mistakenly ink on impulse.

Lauren Goodger isn’t the only one either; Angelina Jolie also had her ex removed as well as Eva Longoria and Heidi Klum.

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Making it seem easy to remove, what this new culture of tattoo fanatics don’t understand, is that there are colours that still can’t be removed by traditional laser treatments. Lynton Lasers, who holds the key to some of the most innovative and specialised treatments within the beauty world, have taken that into account when developing their latest, specialised treatment in tattoo removal. Their Q-Plus C Laser, is the world’s most powerful, tri-wavelength tattoo removal laser, that delivers three powerful laser wavelengths to effectively treat all tattoo colours. The unique and unprecedented laser technology combines Q-switched Nd:YAG and Ruby lasers to ensure a quick, comfortable treatment whilst completely removing the chosen tattoo.

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With green being the toughest colour to remove, the incredible Q-Plus C laser can tackle ALL colours that are normally considered too difficult to remove with normal tattoo removal treatments. As well as this, the Q-Plus C laser is considered the most effective, safe and reliable laser system with incredible results after a course of treatments.