With luxury haircare driving demand within the sector, label.m launches its most decadent range to date – Diamond Dust, a new collection that indulges the light-refractive properties of genuine diamonds and created to unveil, sumptuous body, a smooth silkiness, and with the beautifying illumination of intense radiance.

Fusing a superior aesthetic and coupled with exclusive technological innovation – Micro-Diamond Complex, label.m Diamond Dust draws inspiration from the desirability of premium skincare with a blend of precious, hair-perfecting ingredients for the ultimate hair transformation experience.

“label.m Diamond Dust is our most exciting launch yet. Innovative and just so luxurious with real diamond dust particles, the development has been a journey to create aspirational haircare with a difference.” Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck, Global Creative Director

label.m Diamond Dust created to transform – how?
• Intensively nourishes and seals the cuticle
• Delivers a powerful protective shield to combat heat and humidity factors
• Illuminates to promote radiance and soft silkiness
• Boosts natural movement and weightless body
• Gentle formulation for scalp and hair and is Paraben, Sulphate-free and Gluten-free
The Micro-Diamond Complex Innovation
• First-to-market technology with FIVE exceptional and exquisite ingredients which dramatically
revolutionises the hair’s condition with an authentic blend :


• Are ‘Hair’s Best Friend’ and for the first time the precious properties of both black and white Diamonds have been pulverised together through a process known as ‘micronization’. This results in a micro-fine ‘diamond dust’ to signifi cantly improve delivery and penetration of ingredients into the hair shaft

• The micronized minerals gently exfoliate hair follicles and help to remove excess build-up of toxins

• Helps to thoroughly cleanse and reveal hairs’ natural shine and luminosity with a naturally occurring optical property

• White Diamonds – known to conduct heat, is an incredible thermal shield which improves efficacy of heat-induced tools.

• Black Diamonds – specially produces a blue light and improves surface luminosity


Pearl Powder

• Opulence within a luxurious, finely milled powder sourced from quality sea pearls

• High protein content within the pearls improves elasticity and retains moisture, a smoothing frizz-resistant effect

• Complex proteins convert to a frizz-control shield and creates an effective humidity barrier

• Nourishes and strengthens

• Pearlescent properties of this luxurious sea pearl promotes a luxurious glow



• An effective cleanser, with pH balancing benefits for aiding the removal product build-up and environmentally-led toxins without stripping hair of natural oils

• Grape seed extracts are rich in ‘hair shielding’ antioxidants – 20-50 times more potent than those found in vitamins C and E

• Retains moisture, whilst sealing in the hair cuticle

• Significantly enhances movement and body

• 100% Alcohol-free


White Rose Petal Oil

• A botanical natural oil extracted via steam distillation from White Rose Petals

• Delivers deep moisture and soothes the scalp and hair

• Restores glossiness and smoothness to dehydrated hair – especially if previously over-processed

• A combination of hair-enhancing fatty acids make up the

White Rose Petal ingredient : Linoleic Acid – helps maintain shine and strength in hair

Oleic Acid – improves hair thickness and shine

Alpha Linoleic Acid – promotes shine and hair health

label.m Diamond Dust point-of-difference

What makes label.m Diamond Dust a more exclusive proposition to other diamond – infused products, are the scientifically proven benefits such as the : actively hydrating, shine-enhancing and strengthening properties rather than being just visually cosmetic. Added to which the thermal damage limitation factor and cuticle-sealing ability where moisture is retained longer, whilst resisting environmental and chemical exposure.

• Up to 78% more shine

• Smoothes out signs of damage

• Mirror-like shine

• Weightless feel to the hair

• Brightens tones

• Repairs and strengthens

• Cleanses

• Boosts shine

• Protects, UV fi lter

• Retains colour

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