Hello I’m Lewis-Duncan Weedon and I’m a Handbag-aholic.

OK so its pretty safe to say, I’m a fan of a designer handbag, I won’t say how many as I don’t want my mother to officially know, even though she has paid for over half, I have collected for many years, and having been left some by my grandmother, nanny and aunt. So I decided to do a guide/tips and tricks of how/what to buy and how to look after your investment s or children as I like to call them.

Also adding a history of the ‘IT’ bags. So in the late 90’s and into the noughties as the year 2000 became known, the birth of the ‘IT’ Bag was thrust upon fashion royality and the media. Every self respecting socialite adorned the must have arm candy items such as:
Mulberry Roxanne, I’d say one of the first to really take off and create a stir and wait list, a studded and buckled design, this was a fabulous casual bag, and I do happen to have a tan version.

The Fendi baguette, a clutch come bag, became a massive trend , in so many styles, patterns and limited looks, from the Fendi logo (the one I have) to furs and being bedazzled, having been seen in a very memorable Sex and the City scene. Born in 1997 its still a popular piece to collect vintage ones,  also fendi are known for spy bag, I have one in white , a fun quirky style, seen on many celebs. The major Victoria Beckham for one
Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 14.43.34

Chloe the Paddington
I must say still a huge favourite of mine, I have two the black with gold hardware the bag everyone wanted and a Limited Edition super size sister silver hard ware and a grey/green leather, known for the pad lock and it’s weight, a limited edition padlock covered in crystals were selling like gold, 2005  some magazines giving a health warning for it, no longer available from Chloe, they have become a go to brand for the IT bag.
Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 14.46.09

Louis Vuitton
OK so we could be here all day with them amazing LV world so briefly colour candy by MurakamiStephen Sprouse and many more popular styles, speedy, neverful and keep all.
Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 14.53.21

The Hermes Birkin and Kelly the holly grail of all things designer handbag wise. From leather to exotic skins, to diamond studded white crocodile the highest on the must have. Many sizes 25/30cm being the most popular, named after two huge fashion icons, Jane Birkin and Grace Kelly, so many celebs and fashion people covert this bag, I’m lucky to own, recently tee shirts, with “twerkin for a Birkin” and “all you need is love but a Birkin never hurt anybody”, have been selling like crazy, be prepared for a wait list and a large Amex mix. Any were from 5-100k.
Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 14.57.26

This list isn’t complete with out Chanel darling. The must have 2.55 bag, known for the changeable strap length and a secret love letter holder, coco channel design. Up dated by Karl in the 80s, this is and always be a ‘IT’ bag, design originally February 1955  hence the name, each season updates with a print , design such as graffiti , tweed, sequins.
So keep your bag stuffed to keep the shape , they come with a dust bag for a reason, if leather. Keep away from direct sun light, wipe over with non scented /non alcohol baby wipes after each use, it really helps, try and store were they are not on top of each other,  designer bags can become a investment but buy because you love, not all will retain the same value or more, depending on the condition /age and availability of said bag.

Modern day bags from Celine and Balenciaga are on the top of many lists, and Mulberry are defo the ones to watch each fashion week, known for the celeb collaborations, such as the Alexa bag. Enjoy your bags , please watch my YouTube channel many of my babies are in the videos.