A portrait of Isabel de Valois, Consort of King Philip II of Spain; embroideries made by hand; futuristic fabrics; historical costume; the football scarf; the graphic stripes of a cycling jersey; the volume of a sixteenth century sleeve.

Throw in the free spirits of the Dutch 80s cult nightclub Studio Paradiso, and you have the Danielle Romeril girl. For this collection, Danielle looked at historical costume, antique-looking Irish cloth, a hand braided chevron, a hint of period costume, and added in a sporty twist – a parka, a graphic zip, a bold stripe. There’s the occasional interference of a psychedelic print.

Music is key. Travelling through time with The Strangler’s Golden Brown; the hippy soundscapes of Tame Impala; a blast of Arab Strap. She’s a real girl.

This is her life.