I got the chance to review Cuarzo: The Circle – Just Gold, which was kindly sent to me by Scent City. They are currently the only stockists of this brand in the UK, and it’s an exclusive scent made with some amazing ingredients.

The packaging matches the description of its title, it comes in a luxe black box – adorned with gold lettering and logo. You get the cutest small black card welcoming you to their fragrance – you can tell it’s a handcrafted card. The fragrance bottle itself is a clear square bottle with gold accents and a gold plate on the front of the bottle – showcasing the fragrance itself in the bottle.

The fragrance itself is made with 24 carrat gold, 1 quarts diamonds – how luxe is that!! When you pick up the bottle you can see the gold flakes flying around, like a gold dust storm caged in glass. Spritzing the fragrance onto you, it comes out in a fine mist – you get a burst of the fruity fragrance. If you’re wearing a dark coloured top, you can see the gold flakes appear on you, don’t worry it doesn’t stain!


Fragrance Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Magnolia, Musk and Oud