After catching the hit MTV series “Teen Wolf”, I was very curious about who really lurks behind the creature with those glowing eyes. As an actor, I understand that creating a character is a process and enjoyed speaking with “Teen Wolf’s” Cody Saintgnue who plays Brett Talbot on the show. No glowing eyes or fear of my untimely demise, just a well spoken, open and genuine guy willing to share a bit about his artistic process and who he is and where he is headed.



Photo Credit: Cody Saintgnue

Photo Credit: Cody Saintgnue

Adam Glickman: What do you do to prepare for a new role?

Cody Saintgnue: I ask myself… Is this character based like anyone I know? I try to research everything about that character. I also do my research. Just like in real life, no character ends up in his present situation by accident.

AG: Who are some of your onscreen and off screen inspirations?

CS: I love Bradley Cooper, Johnny Depp, Robert De Niro, Jeff Davis (Creator of Teen Wolf).

AG: What is the best and worst parts of being an Actor?

CS: What I enjoy most is working with a group of people that all want the project to be good. I like people that put the company before themselves, when everybody does it, it spells success. My least favorite is working with people that do not want to be there.

AG: Where did you grow up, and when did you begin performing?

CS: I grew up in Dayton, Ohio. I started in the entertainment business at age 13 landing a print job at 14.

AG: What do you do to relax?

CS: I actually just had the most stressful week last week, so I have some real time answers for this! I love a good nap, time with good people and yes I clean my room to clear away the real and imagined clutter. Of course there is nothing better than going to the gym and working it out.

AG: What sort of things do you do to stay healthy?

 CS:. I like to be slim and lean. No carbs after 7pm, and more mini meals than larger meals. Listen to your body, no one knows your body better than you.

AG: Are there some exciting twists for Brett that you can share with your fans?

CS: Yeah, you haven’t seen the last of Brett, he may seem gone but he’s not. He will play an interesting role in this season.

AG: Are there any other artistic outlets aside from acting that you enjoy?

 CS: Yeah, absolutely. I want to produce, write, and direct. I am currently producing an indie film. It is exciting because this will also be my first writing credit.

 AG: What are some of your favorite musicians?

CS: Ed Sheeran, J.Cole and Travis Scott are at the top of my list. In general, I am drawn to any artist that shows vulnerability.

AG: What charities or foundations are you currently affiliated?

CS: Right now most of my focus and energy is with Bratpack 11. Bratpack 11 is a Foundation for military brat kids whose parents are deceased. We help grant wishes. I’m also working with the YNA (You Are Not Alone), which is a program for single moms. It is important to support single parents raising kids on their own.

I look forward to watching where Cody’s trajectory takes him as the Renaissance man of more than the moment. Be sure to catch Cody this January on Season Five of MTV’s hit series ‘Teen Wolf’”.


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NOTE: This story is from across the pond and a gracious guest submission by Adam Glickman