SS17 showcases all that CIMONE represents, a web of contradictions – control versus chaos, high-end production values paired with repurposed textures; at each turn this collection focuses on the interplay between naivety and self-assuredness.

Nothing is quite what it seems at first glance – everyday items are reframed and reconfigured into covetous pieces, and the clothes themselves contain transformative elements to be worn inside out and back to front, a theme hinted at in this season’s print design. Hand-embellishments and structured leatherwork make their second CIMONE appearance across the range.

Though a marked departure from CIMONE’s debut collection (AW16-17), SS continues to showcase signature CIMONE style; confidence, irreverence and fun with a refined and considered edge. This season’s offering features free flowing exaggerated movements, overblown voluminous shapes, a tactile fabric mix and tension between polished and raw elements. Statement pieces feature interactive embellishment – moving with the body and reacting to the wearer in unique ways, never appearing the same way twice. A subtle and muted whitewash is brought to life with a vibrant injection of juxtaposed bold colour, appearing as splashes and stripes.