There’s this whole misinterpretation of fashion people being incredibly rich and always wearing big designer brands. Nothing more misleading, in some cases at least of course there are people who can afford £ 2,000 handbag and £ 500 shoes and still be able not to be broke by the end of the month. But how about those who are just starting in the fashion industry, still discovering their style and trends? Its very unlikely that they will spend as much as they wish on fashion. Over the years have managed to find a ways to get away from this stereotype. I have found ways to buy a whole outfit for 10 pounds even! Seems impossible? Think again.

1. Thrift stores or charity shops
First of all, vintage and charity are two different things. Vintage will be much more expensive as the fashion they sell, usually is much older than most of anyone who is reading this. Some items are definitely worth the price, if the condition has high standard as does the design. If you cannot afford vintage, charity shops might be more of your thing. The quality of clothing might not be as great but if you have a bit of imagination and sewing skills you might come up with something unique and personal. Fashion should work for you not the other way round.

2. Discount websites
At this moment discount websites are my favorite way of shopping. Fashion discount websites such as The Outnet  and Vestiaire Collective  offers a  great choice of high end fashion and designer labels. I like to call it a charity internet shop. However buying from discount websites can be tricky at times, we all know that lots of people clear out their closets after each season, and then later on some of the items might go to be sold, if it’s a high street brand, I don’t think fakes exist with those but if you’re purchasing a designer item from a discount website for much lower price than original make sure you are buy the real thing.

3. Ebay is your new best friend
I have to confess. For past three years Ebay  has been my best friend and the reason why I would be broke very often. On Ebay you can get literally anything! And I mean anything, I have even seen someone sell a bitten sandwich for £10.000! What the hell, right?! But you can also find stuff that are much cheaper. You can get fashion from all over the world, from shoes, coats, jewellery, dresses etc. I personally recommend buying jewellery and shoes. You can get amazing deals for the most incredible brands and styles.

4. High street sales
I’m sure each of us are aware of the speed and popularity of fast fashion. High street stores are changing their fashion so quickly at the end of the month you will feel totally out of fashion, this will change into buying in new fashion each week, clothing out our wardrobes and at the end of the day we never have anything to wear and lots of money spent in those stores. My newest way to avoid it is to shop in high street stores only twice a year during sales time, not only you can find you’re most wanted dress for much less, you might even find some other items that will steal your heart. However sales shopping might be tricky at times, of course we all would like to have a new top or skirt, but the truth is you only need few of these in your wardrobe, during sales it’s much wiser to invest in jackets, shoes, bags and jewellery. Usually the fashion pieces that can be worn all year round. But just because it’s high street it doesn’t mean it has to have bad quality. The brands that are known for high quality of design and standards are Mango, Zara and H&M . And all of those 3 stores are always full of current trends as well as classic items. What else would you want?

5. Independent designers and brands
If you are all about unique pieces and seeing someone with the same jacket as you ruins your whole day, buying your clothes from independent designers might be just for you. Their fashion isn’t created by thousands of people, in factories in China, like fast fashion companies, these are usually made by a small team of people, looking after an item until it reaches you. And unlike high street brands a wanted item is made only in around 200 copies rather than a 1,000. Or at some cases even less.This provides you even bigger fashion integrity. The designs made by independent designers and brands, are not only designed to last you longer than high street fashion but also thanks to the reach of social media you may even be able to contact the designer yourself, find out about new items, and more about the brand straight from the source. Now that’s something I like to call a special treatment. To spare you long hours of searching, I have chose 2 designers who work mainly in Britain.  If you are not afraid push the boundaries of fashion, play around with it and like the elements of punk fashion and bit of elegance Carlotta Actis Barone is the right designer for you! From a personal experience I can guarantee you that the clothes you’ll wear will feel like they were stitched on you! I think having the clothes that are unique and fit perfectly is one of the biggest luxuries.  Sofia Dourvari collections are full of elegant and classic pieces, it’s all about the silhouettes of the garments. Elegant dresses, jackets and skirts, made out of metallic, chiffon and organza are made to feel you  stylish at all times.

                                                                                                        6. Buy less chose well                                                                                                                                        This advice comes from a fashion designer herself. The mother of punk, Vivienne Westwood knows exactly how fashion works, at the end of the day it’s all about sales. But we all know it’s much better to buy something more expensive but you’re sure you’d wear the item over and over. Sometimes it’s better to have one timeless piece from high end designer than thousand of the fashionable ones that are worn just one season. And you definitely don’t need to spend 1,000’s on a dress or jacket to be fashionable, but sometimes the timeless pieces such as Chanel 2.55 bag or Christian Louboutin heel is all you need. My main piece of advice would be to invest in classic pieces, such as tailored jacket, black jeans, cashmere sweater. Those things can be worn all year long, they don’t go out of fashion and will suit any women’s style.