Bravura London. (Pronounced BRA-VIEW-RA) is dedicated to supplying the best quality, effective pharmaceutical skincare products at very realistic prices. Their company was founded in 2003 by Amanda Elias, an experienced facial therapist whose own skin problems led her to discover the benefits of AHA and BHA’s for troubled skins, she now runs the business with her partner Ryan Heslop.

In the beginning they were the FIRST company in the UK to supply chemical peels for use at home. Their vision was to make this effective but simple treatment safe and accessible to everyone rather than just those who could afford to pay for salon treatments. After great demand for the facial peels their customers started asking about other skincare products. So, after months of formulation and testing, they launched their skin care range, which is now used by thousands of people worldwide who love the fact that their products simply do what they claim. Bravura set out to be an affordable but effective skincare line that keeps its promise to improve the quality of your skin, whatever your skin type. Compared to many department store brands Bravura London offers excellent quality at lower prices. They can do this because they don’t spend millions on glossy advertising, sales staff or celebrity endorsements and fancy packaging.

We got a chance to meet Bravura London during Bloggers Fashion Week in London, learning about the brand. It was very interesting to me, especially when the explained the no celebrity endorsement deals. Learning about a brand that cares about the customer more then it does about popularity, was just amazing, you find very few brands like that. So of course they grabbed our attention, they are represented by Can Official, so lots of press. We got to see some of the brands live at the event, which was nice to hear it live.

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The Dermaflannel is a beauty breakthrough for anyone who likes the idea of a chemical peel but can’t have one for medical reasons (such as pregnancy) or for someone who wants a more cost effective treatment for a large area of the body. This easy to use, reusable and chemical free way of achieving deeper exfoliation has a unique weave that sweeps away dead skin cells to reveal soft, glowing skin on the face or the body.

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Purifying Acne Lotion Treatment is a special night time formula designed to help fight acne outbreaks, oily skin and blemishes. The exfoliating action of the salicylic acid helps to break down the layers of dead skin which can trap oil, revealing healthy, new skin that can breathe.

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This light textured body milk is an excellent treatment for dull, dry and sun damaged skin as it effectively sloughs off dead skin cells and binds moisture in to the skin, instantly giving a healthier, more radiant appearance. Used daily, skin will be smoother, hydrated and visibly youthful.

For more fabulous products like these just fly over to their website, you won’t be disappointed