So recently Fossy and myself attended some of the fab press days, looking at A/W fashions from  Boohoo and Boohoo Man.

I must say I was genuinely in love with many of the pieces, and shocked by the low price points, forgive I’ve not worn any of the line before, so was unaware of the low prices but really great quality. I don’t tend too get overly excited by mens as it can be harder too embellish, but meeting Shane the actual designer for the collection, whom showed us through the designs in each section, I must say I really want so many pieces.  I tried a white slim fit shirt with a padded jacket style sleeve, like a bomber, very Kate Nash.

I’ve attached the PIC,  I really loved the combo , it gave a great edge, I’m a massive fan of anything Gothic and the class of 95 (clueless),  so the mix of tartan and leather, got my heart beating. I really enjoyed the mens line, and being talked through it, made a huge difference. The accessories also were really strong and you could tell love and great design had gone into the clothing.

Into the women’s line,  also done into trends, which is great. Again I was drawn too the tartan and one wasitcoat / jacket combo.  PIC attached,  a navy flannel soft fabric with a off white pin stripe, so chic , Boohoo really impressed my fashion needs and the pricing again in the women’s line was amazing. Everyone can afford to buy into a season piece and mix and match with their classic item’s.

Also at the event a giant Pink bus and Hook a Duck, was just by the doors and you could win a gift bag, so charming and quirky,  also if you sent a picture via Inatagram, they had a booth which printed the pic with their #. you could even indulge in a little fizz, but I stuck too the espresso.  I felt like I was in a walk in wardrobe and did try a few items on.

Without question, I’m going too have to pick up and review some times, I was really looked after by the team which makes such a difference in my eyes, as I could see items for some of my celeb clients, editorial and my own personal wardrobe.
In the gift bag we received the may, showing the trend s sections, so a celeb in a look and how to recreate this style using BooHoo,  fab idea. And a hard copy book which is the look book. Perfect for me to go through, when styling. @boohoo