As all things, fashion can be very personal and have that special meaning to us, jewellery must be one of the most personal items a women can own.  What else do we get for birthday’s , anniversaries and special occasions? Jewellery. But to make things even more closer to the heart and meaningful London Road Jewellery, created a new range, “Blossom Birthstone” collection. This top British jewellery brands didn’t only created the most delicate and stunning jewellery, ideal for summer.  These Blossom Birthstone pendants come in 9ct yellow gold flower-shaped setting on a delicate 16/18 inch adjustable chain.  On the center of each flower there are precious or semi-precious gemstone significant of the month of the wearer’s birth. Each stone is in different color resenting different meaning of the birth stone.

When designing the Blossom Birthstones collection, London Road designers drew on the skills of its own talented pattern makers and goldsmiths to create the unique and contemporary designs of jewellery for each months pendent, creating a meaningful and highly popular collection.

As it’s summer it’s only appropriate to share the pendants for the summer babies.  This month’s, July birthstone is a ruby, being believed to protect its wearer from evil, this deep red color significant love and passion.  Augusts birthstone being  known as a stone of strength, when set in gold, this calming lime colored stone is known to protect its wearer from nightmares. And last but not least September. This month’s birthstone being sapphire, which is known to protect its wearer from harm also represents loyalty and trust.

However the rest of birthstones are not forgotten. They are just as stunning and delicate as the summer pendants, for rest of the calendar year, October’s birthstone  is Opal, November features the birthstone of azure blue, stunning color that complements the shade of gold pendent, December’s birthstone has the magical, brightly colored turquoise shade.

All the prices are starting from £180.