As spring has welcomed us with a full speed and with summer slowly approaching I’m sure many of you are on a health kick and are looking for alternatives to those sugary drinks and sodas. And even if you’re not planning a full on detox, we all know it’s better (and easier) to cut out those surgery drinks during the warmer days than the colder ones. And does Instagram help with their healthy inspiration images, oh my! Couple of months ago I’ve discovered, more like bumped into them during one of the Bloggers Hangout events, and got to meet the spoke people from Berrywhite, try the products and find out more about them! And can I tell you, the brand intrigued me with the philosophy and products. The four flavours are combination of sparkling water, super fruits and healthy extracts.  Being able to taste 4 different flavours of their organic sparkly drink in the flavours of:

  • Sparkling Pomegranate & Blueberry
  • Sparkling Peach & Goji Berry
  • Sparkling Cranberry & Guava
  • Sparkling Lemon & Ginger

My personal favourite must have been the Cranberry & Gueva which not only taste delicious with natural sweetness to it, but has also lots of health benefits to it, like detoxing the body, which isn’t that all we want to do after all? Another flavour that really stood out to me was also Pomegranate & Blueberry, with having that natural sweetness  of pomegrate mixed with refreshing taste of blueberry.  Being designed to be naturally light and refreshing these drinks taste amazing along side food and consumed on their own, very good alternative for those who don’t like water on it’s own, just saying! Following the healthy lifestyle, all of the Berrywhite drinks are organic, with only natural sweetness of fruits, free from pesticides and GMO’s making this drink 100% organic! And it get’s better! Not only Berrywhite is organic, tastes amazing, it also supports charity. For every bottle and can purchased from Berrywhite, they make a donation to their own charity : to help underprivileged kids from third world countries get the right for education!