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Who is the green-eyed beauty? I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with model Bello Sanchez. Bello is a thriving contestant on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22, and independent artist. As an attendee of Mercedes Benz Fall New York Fashion Week 2015 myself, I was curious to get the scoop on this incredibly talented warm individual, and learn about his Fall NYFW 2015 experience as he has stepped into the limelight.


Photo Credit: Jono Photography

Photo Credit: Jono Photography

Adam Glickman: Tell me about your NYFW experience?

Bello Sanchez: It treated me really well, it’s not my first time at New York Fashion Week. Though it is the first time I was doing as many red carpets as I did, I felt kind of like “Hollywood Glamour”. As a model, it’s hard, you are often rejected and get cut, this year I was at the front of the line. A highlight was meeting Franca Sozanni of Vogue Italia. I got to talk to her as it was small store opening with a select crowd and it was a huge honor, as well as getting to share the cat walk with Ariana Lima!

AG: Who are some of your inspirations in the fashion industry?

BS: It’s funny, I do like Rihanna fashion-wise she is always pushing the boundaries, she does what she wants to do. I also admire Willy Cartier, I like his work, and I love his style. Oliver Rousteing at Balain in Paris is another inspiration.

AG: You have an “Androgynous” look, Do you feel like having that title offers you any kind of advantage in the industry?

BS: I don’t see it as an advantage or a disadvantage, more as a gift. I can compete mainstream and I can also compete with female models. I do hope it doesn’t limit me, somebody might not see me as masculine enough, but I believe I can turn it on for work.

AG: What is the exact color of your eyes?

BS: It’s so weird, I would usually respond with a crazy color in person (purple, red), but I think they are green. People say “it’s blue it’s blue”, but in my honest opinion, they’re green.

AG: If I were to go into your underwear drawer. What might I find?

BS: You’ll find I actually have an underwear fetish, I enjoy nice underwear, expensive underwear. Briefs over Boxers every time.

AG: Are there any other artistic outlets you are looking to pursue professionally in the entertainment industry aside from modeling?

BS: Acting. You know “Empire”? I’m going to be on that TV show. One day you’re going to turn on the television, and I’m going to be on “Empire”.

AG: Where did you grow up?

BS: I grew up in Massachusetts, I was born in Puerto Rico but moved when I was 2 or 3 months old. I’m From all over the east coast really, but Boston feels like the best place to call ”home”.

ME: What made you apply for “America’s Next Top Model”?

BS: So many people suggested that I should, and I remember watching the show when I was younger. The CW had a casting itinerary via Twitter. So, I took the last $1,000.00 that I had, fixed my car and went on a road trip to as many ANTM calls that I could get to.

AG: Do you have any pre-shoot rituals?

BS: I think it happened in the 3rd episode: I’m looking in the mirror and I’m looking at myself. I don’t care how stupid I look, I kind of blow out my lips, relax my muscles, make the craziest faces and poses.

AG: What do you do to relieve the stress of everyday life?

BS: I remove myself from stressful situations.. When I have time, I read a book, I like to sing, If I have my car, I drive. Anything I can do to have a little bit of alone time. But, my all time favorite de-stressor is a glass of Moscato or Rose. I always need my 8 hours of sleep.

AG: How hard do you really work?

BS: I want people to know that I am keeping busy, and I am working independently. I booked a lot of shows for Fall NYFW 2015, a couple huge TV interviews- I recently did a video with Jessica Sutta of The Pussycat Dolls, and also went to Vegas at the Wet Republic. I hosted that with Calvin Harris, and Hardwell two days in a row. I’ve been busy, and super excited. I want to brand myself. I want to be Bello Sanchez, in one cycle of ANTM you’re lucky if you get two standouts. I am going to be that one.

Bello’s star is very much on the rise. During Fall NYFW 2015 he was seen at the Vogue Italia event and the Nylon party where Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake, and Gigi/Bella Hadid were also in attendance. It was obvious throughout our discussion that while self-assured, he is both kind, warm and clearly this is only the beginning for Bello.

On a personal note, I have an immense amount of respect for Bello. I hope one day paths cross in the form of a collaboration and look forward to watching along with millions of others to see where his artistic journey leads him.


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