We got a chance to go see the Beau Homme London Collections: Men presentation, it was at the St Giles Building in London. The venue put together by Lewis & Leigh PR who represent the fashion brand. We were excited to see a new outlandish brand, one of the upsides to a presentation is that its more relax then a runway show. The building was beautiful it really did have that feeling of beauty, style and elegance, perfect for a presentation.

The collection was called ‘The Fourth Dimension of Thought’; they said it was a tribute to the independent thinker in response to thoughtful response instead of mere reaction. The collection is an endorsement of the pursuit of learning and capability of expanding realities.

The collection itself had lots of mixed prints, colours and textures. The presentation was definitely in your face, made you think about the clothes and in which way they could be used. We loved the touch of Gold Leaf in their hair, the unity really did have that feel the collection was from another dimension. We did have a few favourites, the full print number is just gorgeous in full navy blue with red, green, yellow and white, just amazing. Next on our list was the burgundy a-line zip jacket, the colour seems to be trending in a lot of collections, we love a sexy jacket. Last but not least was the amazing emerald green jacket, we want that so badly in our wardrobe, it’s a perfect add on to make your outfit stand out from the crowd.
The other thing that presentation had was; well it was like an Art Installation with the canvas in the background and what could only be described as the beginning of a bonfire. It was crazy but added to the effect of the whole collection, this is why we love fashion so much, you can never predict whats going to happen.

Words by: Lewis-Duncan Weedon and Fossy Meade.