Do you likes tea? I like tea. In fact I love a good tea, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Fortunately that love can be given to so many teas out there, as today we are lucky enough  to have them actually. It can be quite overwhelming to go into the “tea” section when you go shopping, especially in England as the selection of tea in here is unbelievable. There’s something for everyone.

My personal favourite is definitely a green tea, and hands up who also does! In fact green tea not only taste’s delicious but it also has amazing health benefits and as spring sprung upon us, I think it’s time to slow down on the caffeine and sugary drinks a little bit, even thou we all love those so much, and replace at least one of these a day with a green tea. I was lucky enough try the Green Tea by the Skinny Tea.

The selection of tea’s from Skinny Tea, is a detox tea, but not just another detox tea. As many detox tea’s now days are laxative based, the Skinny Tea has worked with the worlds finest detox teas all over the world including, Japan, China and Thailand. And as these detox teas may help you speeding up your metabolic rate and help burn fat cells it’s not meant to be used as a full detox, lets face it one cannot run on a tea alone! While enjoying this green tea, it is recorded to still have your 3 meals a day. I personally had them with this green tea, as it’s fresh taste really helps waking up those taste buds, especially in the morning! And thanks to high content of caffeine it does well in getting that energy back on and start the day! 


Photography: Kinga Kurek