The infamous BassBuds created to deliver stylish music devices whilst maintaining tomorrow’s sound technology for today’s consumers; BassBuds has quickly cemented itself as a brand where form and function are both executed to the highest standards. They are now going ‘Live’ so to speak, as part of their new launch they’ve made a competition campaign.
They are opening the new platform to musicians, bloggers, fashion designers, photographers and writers, they will pick one winner from each category. Winners from each of their own category will win a prize of their own, the closing date is the 31st of March. It is presented by Lisa Mafia (So Solid Crew), its  a great chance to get your work out on a huge platform.
Our personal style of writing is informative but fun, sometimes its boring to be so serious all the time. We want our readers to enjoy the content, leaving them with a smile. When it comes to music we have a variety of tastes from 1950’s to Now, I think the one thing we leave alone is the really heavy stuff. We’re all for freedom of expression but it hurts our ears listening to people scream, anyway each to their own, just our little opinion 😉