From the trending to the iconic artist, the music industry transcends even the enigmatic and lives in an artistic yet highly obtuse space that is nearly undefinable. Music as a construct is an amalgamation of thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams as well as in some cases emotional residue we have all come to know as “baggage”.  It is also a multi-billion-dollar industry with opportunity to generate revenue rivaling the gross national product of several small countries but can become an endless money pit for the up-and-coming and even independent artist.  The stories are out there, the rags to riches tales that make for public relations gold. Yet one can not help but wonder about the minions that potentially fall between the cracks. The men and women who have the talent, passion, drive and a burning desire to simply create and share their music. So the question begs, has the music industry gotten too large, have the likes of Beyonce, aka “Queen B” become so pervasive that there is little or no room for that which is fresh and authentic? I was beginning to think so until I met Anthony Gargiula and heard him sing


If the future of the music industry is to be built upon essentials such as pizza, macaroni and cheese, goldfish snacks, Heath Bars and Sour Patch Kids Anthony is your next mega star. Insert a voice that transcends his 16 years and this young artist understands that to be both trendy and trending there is sacrifice. The realization that music is an art while singing is a craft drives this old soul of a young man who has shown over a decade of unwavering tenacity and authenticity.  In the name of full transparency I usually do not enjoy interviewing up-and-coming artists as many have a sense of entitlement that I find off-putting, but Anthony’s humility and grounded sense of self is nearly as charming and magnetic as his voice.




Anthony Promo Pic

The real proof of any singer/performer is in the voice and performance and so at this point I encourage you to get to know this young man through his work. What does the future hold for Anthony Gargiula ?   I am many things to many people but I hold no psychic abilities to see into the future.   I will say that Anthony has paid his dues, is not afraid to continue to do so and at the end of all the rhetoric has the talent to be the next big Anthony Gargiula; a voice and a talent that reflects hope, dignity and a desire to move the world to a place of peace and healing while offering up the melodic magic of a true artist.

Check out his latest on iTUNES PREVIEW – “I Wanna Love You”

The proof is in the proof  so please listen and share this extraordinary voice and young man and put him on the mainstream charts where he belongs.