Despite only launching in February 2014, Abbie Curtis (owner of Amoir Camaira) is already making waves in the luxury swimwear market, and has just made her second appearance at London Fashion Week, show casing her stunning collection of designer swimwear.

It may surprise you to know that Abbie didn’t go to university to study fashion, design or textiles, certainly as you’d expect from someone who’s making such an impact in the industry, but that hasn’t held her back.  The idea of creating Amoir Camaira came about from her own experience modelling swimwear for a photo shoot whilst she was heavily pregnant. Used to feeling glamorous and attractive, the items she modelled on this shoot left her feeling quite the opposite.  As a result Abbie decided to bring out her own brand of designer swimwear with the emphasis on luxury, quality materials, glamour and style.

She launched her Classic Collection – Bikinis; in triangle, bandana and halter neck styles and the One Piece, all made in high quality Italian double lined fabrics with hidden stitching and beautiful finishing trims from France and Italy.  Esmaya Swimsuit Amoir CamairaA range of stunning fabrics in bright colours that she has personally stress tested to make sure the quality stays the same.

With long haul travel to hot sunny destinations at all times of the year now, not just during the summer months, her popularity is growing.  People want to buy new clothes for their holidays whatever the season.  Abbie’s devotion to creating a luxury quality swimwear collection, and her passion for keeping it glamorous, show through when you meet her.  Her strap line – “May you live the glamorous life” and her desire to expand with a range of beach items, such as t shirts, beach towels and hats, show her determination to succeed and to maintain the luxury brand she wanted to create from the start.  And it’s clearly worked.  She has a number of celebrities as some of her key clients, and she’s had a wide range of positive press coverage on her – the feedback I’ve heard on Amoir Camaira recently following London Fashion Week has been nothing but glowing too.

I am looking forward to seeing the next collection, what colours she’s chosen, what accessories she’s bringing to market. Based on what I’ve seen (and heard) so far, I know it’s going to be good!