Eurovision has just came off our screens and in case you have no idea what the hell Eurovision is, Eurovision is the longest TV song competition. Aired to 200million people across 150 countries, figures some prime time TV shows would kill for!

In the past we’ve seen Eurovision as a tacky song competition and not really taken it seriously, however, it’s made some of the stars we know now, such as: Celine Dion, Bucks Fizz, Abba, Katrina and the Waves, Loreen and Conchita Wurst. In recent years the song entries have become more modern, tailoring to what’s popular around the world, as this is their chance to shine.

It is political voting, so the UK hasn’t won Eurovision since 1997, although we’ve come close a few times such as in 2002 we finished in 3rd place and 2009 we finished in 5th place. I do have to say the song entry for this year from the UK is the best I’ve heard since Jade Ewan in 2009, the new voting system ruined our chances and we ended up 3rd from last – many people think it was a big injustice. Which as of 2016 the UK has failed to enter the top 10 for the seventh consecutive time, so if this is not a big wake up call for us I don’t know what will be – although we’re glad it’s gone back to a UK Vote instead of a randomly picked artist.

These have to be our favourite outfits from the Red Carpet at Eurovision this year…


Eurovision started in 1959, what many people don’t know even though it’s titled Eurovision which is the short version of European Song Contest, anyone who’s part of the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) can enter the song contest.

How does the voting work?

From 1975 till 2015 in which the jurors and televoting each rank all the competing entries, rather than just their top ten. The scores are then added together and in the event of a tie, the televote score takes precedence. However in 2016… Points awarded from popular vote are calculated together before being announced, effectively doubling the points which can be awarded in total. With a total of 42 voting countries, the maximum amount of points one can mathematically receive is now 984 (41 countries giving 12 points in both jury and popular votes). Countries were only permitted to vote for their own entries in 1956.

Who did we Vote for?

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 14.15.26

Who voted for us?

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What’s the odds we will win now?

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