If you’d like to advertise your website/brand/product on Meade Magazine there are many ways in which to get yourself to be featured and promoted.

We post at least 3-4 times every week on our website, we have two types of advertising on our website. Top Banner and Side Bar.

Here are some advertising options below:

Top Banner: 1 week: £100, 1 month: £400, happy to negotiate longer rates
Side Bar: 1 week: £50, 1 month: £200, happy to negotiate longer rates

The side-bar banner is seen across all articles,  these articles have been seen by over 5k people in February 2016 alone. The top banner is seen by at least 14k people every month, which includes the main home page and all articles too.

Meade Stats 2015

Twitter: 22K followers – an average of 107k potential reach (monthly)
One tweet minimum reaches 3,000 people

Website: 14K views with an average of  13,000 unique visitors (monthly)

Google Plus: 13K views

Facebook: 3k views per month.


Sponsored/Advertising Posts

This is bespoke service so please feel free to contact us on email at to discuss sponsored/advertising opportunities for individual, annual or monthly posts.

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