Warm days, beach holidays, sunshine …. I LOVE!

So here’s my beauty A-Z getting you ready for those blissful summer days

Apply an SPF, protect your face! There are so many products on the market to choose from that contain a high SPF, so get one!  Wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation are definitely not on the most wanted list for any of us, and protecting your skin against harmful UV rays with a high SPF (and a hat) is the best way to help avoid them.  Glo Therapeutics offer a fabulous SPF40 moisturiser, £27 and Shu Uemura have a beautiful lightweight facial under base primer mousse, £29, both of which are superb.  For something a bit lighter in the hot summer months, try a tinted moisturiser, again with a high SPF content.

Bronze your skin for a natural sun kissed look – Pick a bronzing powder no more than two shades darker than your natural skin tone, and apply with a large buffing or blusher brush.  Think about where your face catches the sun naturally and lightly apply to your forehead and cheeks.  Ideally a matt bronzer is best for your face.  Rimmel’s Sun Shimmer Bronzing Powder (matte) £5.59 is a great option, while more shimmery ones work beautifully on arms, chest and shoulders.

Cheeks that have a healthy glow are a must.  Choose a pink based or yellow based pigment for your skin and blush the apples of your cheeks blending up towards your temples.  For £4.49 Miners Cosmetics offer a choice of pink or brown Blusher Bricks, perfect for a natural glow.

Define your eyes, but for the summer, why not choose a soft metallic eye liner pencil?  Gold, bronze and silver are amazing with a touch of colour on your skin at this time of year and Barry M offer their Bold Waterproof Eyeliner, £3.99 – a perfect option as it’s waterproof too, lasting for up to 8 hours.

Exfoliation is key.  Get rid of those dead skin cells and Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant, £41.30 is superb.  This powder gently buffs away dead cells leaving your face smoother and brighter.

Foundation? Summer days and hot weather often mean a foundation feels too heavy on your skin, so switch to tinted moisturiser, but pick one with an SPF in it.  NARS do an amazing range of 11 shades in their £28 Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser SPF30.

Go Bold! Maybelline’s 24hour Colour Tattoo Gel Cream Eye Shadow, £4.99 in Tenacious Teal is bold and the stunning vibrant turquoise colour reminds me of summer every day.  Apply the waterproof cream to eyelids or use as an eye liner underneath for a daring summer look, one that really does last all day.

Highlight those cheek bones! Apply a gentle shimmer to the top of your cheek bones and brow bone to accentuate the shape of your face.  Try using Glo Minerals Gleam Shimmer Brick, £27.50.  4 soft shimmering highlighter colours – blend together or use individually depending on your look.

I Spy – keep tired, sore, pollen irritated itchy eyes bright and fresh using eye drops.  Murine Bright & Moist Eyes, £4.58 whitens, soothes and moisturises eyes

Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner from Smashbox, £16 is a gel based eyeliner available in six colours.  The little pot contains a smooth, easy to apply eyeliner that lasts for the day.  Apply a thin line for a more subtle say time look, building up for the evening.

Kissable lips are essential at all times, but what if you want that summer romance?  Pick up the fabulous intense original Nipple Balm for Lips from Dr Lipp for £11.50.   It’s thick, hydrating formula helps even the most chapped lips, is 100% pure and can be used on other dry skin areas of the body too.

Less is more – A phrase we often hear, but it’s so true in the summer time!  With a sun-kissed, healthy glow, you don’t need or feel like you need to wear so much make up.  Stick with a high SPF moisturiser, may be a tinted foundation for that extra coverage, a dusting of bronzer and a soft sheen to your lips.  But if you want a light sheen on your eyes, pick Dior’s Incognito eye shadow palette, £40 – 5 soft nude colours, perfect for a day time natural look

Moisturise Renew Lipstick, £6.49 is new from Rimmel Cosmetics – I love the more natural shades Cool Britannia, Let’s Get Naked and Latino.  But if you’re feeling more daring try Diva Red or In Love With A Ginger!

Neat brows help to frame your face but don’t over pluck and don’t go too strong or heavy for summer months.  e.l.f. have a great Studio Eyebrow Kit, £3.95 which comes in four main shades each containing a cream and a powder for finishing and tidying brows.

Oil cleansers are amazing for removing all traces of dirt and grime left after a hot day in the city, as well as the most stubborn waterproof makeup!  I love Shu Uemura’s light weight Fresh Cleansing Oil, £30 because it works beautifully and you can apply it with wet hands.

Pretty summer dresses and sandals, teamed with soft braids and waves match perfectly with a pop of colour on the eyes for those festival days.  Barry M’s Dazzle Dust, £4.59 in Electric Blue will give you just that WOW factor.

Quarter of a cup of fresh strawberries, mashed together with a tablespoon of plain yoghurt will make you a natural  face mask.  Apply it to your face for 20 minutes before rinsing off with cool water.  It’s great for removing impurities from your skin and will leave your face feeling fresh and clean!  Haven’t got time to make this?  Pick up the Natural Collection Wild Strawberry Face Mask from Boots for just £1

Rest!  It’s vital!  Get a good night’s sleep – Switch off your mobile phone and other electronic devices to get a sleep that’s undisturbed by blue light emitted from them.  You’ll feel fresher, dark circles under eyes reduce and overall you’ll look more radiant.

Shimmers and sparkles look fabulous with a tan!  Add some shimmer to your eyes with Miners Cosmetics Dip and Define, £3.49.  A loose powder enhanced with metallic flecks giving a pop of intense colour with shimmering undertones.  Loving the gorgeous white shade of Cloud 9 – perfect for a summery sheen!

Tangerine coloured lips and nails are just the ticket for summer 2014.  Bobbi Brown’s Tangerine Lip Gloss, £18 is a sheer bright coral colour.  Finish the look with Opi’s Nail Lacquer, £11.95 in colour Where Did Suzi’s Man-go?

Unbearably hot days, racing around in the heat?  Cool down by spritzing cold water over your face and keeping your toner in the fridge.  Water will instantly freshen and moisturise skin and the ultra cooling feeling of your toner calms down even the hottest of temperatures.  I love Clinique’s Moisture Surge Face Spray, £20 – it’s a permanent feature in my holiday bag!

Vivid colours, metallics, soft shimmers, nude colours and bronzed cheeks – it all works for summer.  Find your passion and create a look that works for you, from the office to the beach, from your holiday to a summer festival or garden party.  Have a play with a different look for each and try out those waterproof eyeliners or bold accents of colour.  If you’re not brave enough for a splash of turquoise on your eyelids, how about one of the amazing colours Opi offer in their Brazil Nail Lacquer collection, £11.95 on your toes?

Water.  Simple – Drink it and drink some more.  The benefits of drinking enough water are far reaching and show in your skin’s health.  Even puffy eyes and dark circles underneath can be reduced by drinking lots of water.  As the days get warmer it’s vital to stay fully hydrated.

Xen-Tan it!  Fake it perfectly using their range of amazing products, and the offer everything to suit all skin types.  If you’re worried about looking ‘orange’ or the effect being too dark for your colouring, try their Light or Gradual Tanning solutions.  Xen-Tan Transform Luxe, £24.99 lets you build your tan gradually but leaves you with a natural looking finish.

Youthful looks and radiant skin are desirable for us all!  In the summer, wear a hat, and all your round protect your face with a high factor SPF and drink plenty of water.  Everything you do now counts – make it count to the right effect!

Zest for life – enjoy the long summer days, smile and laugh, spend time with family and friends and relax.  It’s amazing how feeling good affects your body in a positive way too.